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Independent technology supporting you while you gain independence.
Congratulations on achieving independence! Advyzon started the same way in 2012.  Since then, we’ve created a comprehensive platform that includes most, if not all, of the technology you’ll need to run your new business. Put simply, Advyzon takes technology shopping from overwhelming to easy.
Advyzon’s comprehensive suite of tools includes:
Business Intelligence Growth Tools Digital Onboarding Compliance Tools Reliable Data Flexible Billing Automated Workflows Client Reporting Robust CRM
Take this opportunity to make your own decisions about how you want to run your practice. With Advyzon, you have options to customize the look, feel, and functionality of your technology at no extra cost. From our white labeled client portal and reporting, to our tailor-made client onboarding, Advyzon gives you all of the tools you need to catalyze your practice growth. Onboarding with our client service team is simple and our white glove approach ensures that learning your technology does not impede your growth.
As you make your decisions about technology for your new practice
Consider Some of These Key Questions to Evaluate Partners:
1.Does the cost make sense for my business model? 2.Do I get the support I need as I learn a new technology? What about further down the line? 3.Does the company continue to invest and progress in development? 4.Will I be happy with the pricing model as I grow and achieve success? 5.Are their current clients and partners happy to be working with them?
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Development Milestones
"Advyzon enhances its integration with Right Capital adding to streamlined financial planning. Advyzon wins 3rd straight highest customer satisfaction rating in All-in-One Platform in T3’s Annual Software Survey and 2nd straight Best Fintech to Work for award. Prospect portal and growth suite launch – tools aimed at helping advisors grow their business in a faster and more efficient way. SEC compliance features are added to Advyzon’s document storage. Advyzon launches prospect portal, mass emailing, and Twitter timeline integration to help advisors grow. Advyzon announces new integration with Advisor Peak to add rebal to the mix. Integrations with Pershing and Fidelity go live."
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