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You can count on our team to monitor industry trends and continue to build our product to support both regulatory change and advisor growth. Our service team and in-house developers work around the clock, listening to client feedback and competitor evolution to keep Advyzon ahead of the curve. Though we frequently update design and add new tools, our teams collaborate to ensure updates can be used with ease. To support the adoption of our continuous development, we run weekly training that our clients can drop in to any time to refresh, relearn, or implement features.
Responsive and Continuous Development Process
At Advyzon, we are hyper-focused on the continuous development of our platform. In order to remain flexible and quickly deploy fresh ideas, we’ve adopted a continuous development process which allows us to release new features, typically on a monthly basis. While much of this development work is done to keep pace with the latest market trends, we also develop directly from client feedback. In fact, we prioritize check-ins with clients to ensure we are meeting their needs in terms of service and development of features and tools. We hold an unwavering commitment to being a one-platform solution and we firmly believe that every client suggestion moves us closer to that goal.
01 CLIENT FEEDBACK & MARKET RESEARCH Our product managers determine what feature to create based upon user requests, market insights and trends. 02 DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT An internal team of designers and programmers create the feature. A dedicated team of quality assurance analysts review and refine the feature. Our service team then spends some pre-release time putting the new feature to the test. Once ready we release the feature to our user. 03 RESPOND, ITERATE & UPGRADE When new tools are released, we gather insights and feedback from users to respond and upgrade features on a continuing basis. CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT
White Glove Service
Service is an important aspect of any technology platform. At Advyzon we believe that your experience starts from the moment you sign-up. From day one, you will be assigned to one of our dedicated service teams, where our white-glove approach to servicing your business begins with an introductory call to learn about you and your firm’s needs to create a personalized onboarding roadmap.
Going forward, your service team serves as the central point of contact at Advyzon, regardless of your needs. This personalized approach allows a team of product experts to learn your practice and preferences, catering our software to you, and not the other way around. Your service team will help guide you through everything from your onboarding and initial training, to assisting with your day-to-day questions. No outsourced call centers or repeating your needs to another employee. At Advyzon we provide you with all the assistance and none of the hassle.
Small group training, custom tailored training from your service team and a robust Knowledge Base keep you informed from the basics to the newest updates. TRAINING Self-service access to our Knowledge Base or assistance from any of our knowledgeable service representatives. HELP DESK Access to your service team anytime. EMAIL Access to support from any screen in Advyzon. IN-APP SUPPORT Direct number to the dedicated service team for your firm. PHONE